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Happy Valentine’s Day

        Happy Valentine’s Day from all of Mrs Tierney’s first and second class!

St. Brigid

On the 1st of February we celebrated Saint Brigid’s day by creating our own St. Brigid crosses. 

3D Fluttering Butterfly

Spring time has arrived in first and second class. The children created some beautiful 3D fluttering butterflies!

Maths games

     As part of our maths classes we learn how to play draughts, card games, snakes and ladders, dice games, tangrams, mental maths games and many more exciting maths games.

First and Second Class

Welcome to our First and Second class blog. We have been working very hard and we are delighted to be able to show case some of our Maths games, Science exciting experiments and art projects we have been completing. We hope you enjoy our blog.


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