Old School 1842

A Brief History of the Old National School

The Old Boys and Girls School opened in September 1842. It contained six desks nine feet long and had four forms. It was situated in the priests yard beside the church. There are no records from this time but in the 1885 edition of Wexford County Guide and Directory by George Henry Bassett, John Jourdan is listed as Master of the Boys School and Anne Meyler as Mistress of the Girls School.
The first records began in 1897 for the boys but on New Years day 1900 the girls school records and some parish records were burned in a fire and it was not until 1918 that the girls records began again.
In January 1933 by order of the Office of National Education both schools were amalgamated due to the fact that for the school calendar year of 1932 the average attendance for the boys school was less than forty pupils.
The total number of pupils listed on the roll books from 1897 to 1949 is 540 Boys and 348 Girls. On a sunny day in May 1949 the last classes to attend this school marched down the street of Adamstown to a brand new school. The old school was later used as a Parish Hall and later again by the Vocational School as a metalwork room. The old school was finally demolished in September 1983.
The following  teachers taught in the Old School:
John Jourdan, Anne Meyler, Denis Curtis, Emma Carthy – later married David Curtis, Kathleen Jourdan and Winnie Jourdan.

The artist’s impression above was sketched by M.J ¬†Booth.