Physical Activity

Physical Activity in Adamstown N.S.

Playground breaks

Children in Adamstown NS are provided with twice daily playground breaks (weather permitting).

Children and teachers are encouraged to “Do your Talking while your Walking” at yard times.

Yard Equipment

Recently we were able to purchase some new yard equipment with money raised from Split the Pot. The footballs are a great addition to the football goals we were able to purchase at the start of the year, thanks to all the hard work put in by everyone during the family Fun Evening in June 2018.

Yard Games

All children are allowed to run during playground breaks as the school yard is zoned for different age groups. Each class has been given 3 footballs for use during yard time. In addition the active flag committee members from each class can access additional yard equipment for their class from the PE room. Classes make great use of basketballs to play four square, hula hoops and skipping ropes. Have a look at some of the games we get up to during our break times


Football League

Mr Cousins organised a football and soccer league at lunch time for the older classes. Children were organised into teams and a referee from 6th class was in charge of the game at lunch. The two teams with the most points at the end of the league went into the league final,which all classes got to go out and watch.




































Soccer League

Mr Cousins organised a soccer league in March. All children from 3rd – 6th class were asked if they would like to participate. Once the names were in, the teams were made and the fixtures laid out. Over the next number of weeks each team will play against each other at lunch time. The two teams with the most points will proceed to the final.




Active Lines

We made a rota for the Active Flag Committee to incorporate active lines every day. Two to Three members of the committee are responsible each day to get everyone moving in their lines. Look at the rota below for an outline of the exercises we have tried.

Have a look at all the students in action below:

Active Breaks

Every class incorporates short physical activity breaks into their daily routine. During the months of November and December 2018 we all took part in the Active break every day challenge. Each class was given a chart to put up outside their classroom and marked the type of break they had on a daily basis. After 4 weeks the classes that managed to complete an active break every day got 15 minutes extra on yard. The classes were all so enthusiastic about it that every class managed to complete the active breaks every day, therefore we all benefited from the 15 minutes additional yard time on the day before the Christmas Holidays.














Halloween Spooky Circuits

On the 25th October 2018, the Active Flag Committee organised some Halloween Spooky Circuits for all the classes. The Committee set up the stations in the morning, with two members at each station. They organised the classes into small groups and assigned them a starting station. Two members of the committee were in charge of timing each station. After 5 minutes they blew the whistle and everyone moved onto the next station. Have a look at the pictures to see how much fun we all had.



































Easter Egg Hunt Obstacle Course

Our Parents Association were kind enough to organise an Easter Egg Hunt for every class this year. As the weather didn’t live up to our expectations, we were forced to hold it indoors. They came up with a fantastic way to keep it active and fun for all. Each class was given the challenge of finding all 40 eggs the fastest. The eggs were hidden in a variety of places in the PE hall and the class had to work together to find them all. The infants managed to beat us all!!



Walk and Talk’ in the morning. 

At 9.10am every morning we start our Walk and Talk routine. Children come in, leave their school bags in their lines and walk around the yard. Previously all classes would stand in their lines from 9.10am – 9.20am until the bell rang to go inside. We saw this as a prime opportunity to encourage the children to get some physical activity.
















Operation Transformation 10 @ 10

Classes are  using  the 10@10 videos every day during the nationwide Operation Transformation programme (January and February 2019). It’s a great way to start the day.
















Active School Flag Challenge – February

In February the Active School Flag introduced their challenge of the month initiative. At our February Assembly they demonstrated the challenge for each class – the tricep dip. We set the classes the challenge of practicing the activity in class and at home for the month. Each class will then run a final before our next assembly (March 2019). Two finalists from each class will compete against each other during the assembly with the active flag members acting as judges. It’s an event we can’t wait for. Have a look below at the challenge cards and the demonstrations by the Active Flag Committee. Also included are some images of various children practicing for the final!!

February Winners:

We had winners from each classroom. Each winner received a home work pass and a skipping rope to help them practice at home for next months challenge.

Active School Flag Challenge – March

For the month of May we introduced a skipping individual challenge to link in with our Skip the highest Mountain whole school challenge. Each class was given a differentiated skipping activity to practice. The class finalists will battle against each other at the next Assembly.

There has been lots of practising going on during class active breaks and during yard time.

We had our final at Assembly on the 5th April. Take a look at the determination on all the finalists faces. They battled hard and eventually we emerged with 5 overall winners.

Our Fantastic Skipping Champions

Active School Flag Challenge May – Wall Sit

Our new challenge for the month of May is the Wall sit Challenge. Each class was given a differentiated version of the wall sit. The Juniors to 2nd class had to complete a wall sit with their hands on the wall behind them. 3rd and 4th class’s challenge was to complete a wall sit with hands in front of the body. 5th and 6th had the most difficult challenge – a wall sit with hands on waist and heels off the ground. Have a look at the pictures below to see the challenge in more detail.

Have a look at the practising we have been doing:

Have a look at some pictures from our finals. Each class got a chance to compete while we all cheered them on.